Rec & Pin Console

Rec & Pin Console

Rec & Pin Console is an authenticated content delivery platform. This platform lets their users to send a task to their customers/employees to record a content through Rec & Pin mobile app. Rec & Pin then verify the location and time of all content and deliver it to the business! Isn't it cool? You can sign-up for a free trial if you are still not sure this service address your need! Feel free to contact us through our contact details if you have any question. We are here to help!

"True Locations, True Stories", this is our motto!

We send a task to your email so you
can see what your end users will
experience to send you a video or
other content!

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You can create a Rec & Pin Console account for your business or for your private use. To sign-up, just go and complete the process. We will email you after verifying your account.

Generate a Task

A Task is an individual work that your customers can be assigned to do. To generate a Task, click on New in the Generate box, and select your Project from the Projects list. You can add instructions and the expiry date for each task.

Start a Project

A Project is typically a series of relevant Tasks that are assigned to your customers, employees, etc. Creating Projects helps you manage different tasks and teams.
To create a Project, go to Projects box and click on New. Each project has a key title consisted of 3 key characters, which is unique to that project. Once Project is planned and responsibilities are assigned, you can generate a Task!

Manage Project Roles

Users and Access lets administrators authorise who can generate and modify Tasks in a specific Project. There are two roles in Rec & Pin Console: Agents and Observers, the main difference being that Agents can generate and modify Tasks whereas Observers can only view and play completed Tasks.


This platform enables you to send your customer/employees a task to record content through the Rec & Pin mobile app. You can include instructions and set due dates for each task!


Your customer instantly receive the task on their mobile app! They will follow the instructions and record the requested content in their specific location at that particular time!


Locations and times of content will be captured and verified as soon as your customers start recording. Content with authentic locations and times will get delivered to you then!

Avoid Insurance Fraud
Avoid Insurance Fraud

When motivation, opportunity and rationalization interact, a fraudster may commit insurance fraud! Opportunities are happening through circumstances or chances. Rec & Pin Console helps insurance companies removing fraud opportunities by asking their customers for proof of condition!

Quality Control Audit
Quality Control Audit

When you’re ordering consumer products at a factory overseas, it can be hard to judge the quality of the products before they actually get delivered. So, request and send a task to a third party to provide you with a location-time-verified inspection video through Rec & Pin Console!

Virtual Home Inspection
Virtual Home Inspection

A virtual home inspection will speed up the maintenance and application processes. Rec & Pin Console enables real state agents to request verified virtual inspections, without filters or video editing tools! It also minimizes potential exposure to COVID-19 by removing the need to visit the property.

Environment Inspection
Environmental Inspection

Environmental protection agencies conduct routine health and safety inspections to check environmental regulation compliance of industries and businesses. To establish reliability and authenticity, environmental inspectors can use Rec & Pin Console as a toolkit that enables them to record legal documents.

Fact vs. Fake News
Fact vs. Fake News

There is a worldwide growing concern over false news and its potentials to influence political, economic, and social well-being. As journalism shifts toward digital platforms, people are seeking trustworthy news. By promoting true stories, journalists and reporters can spread the truth faster!

Influencers' Stories
Influencers' Stories

Influencers create social media content about lifestyle, travelling and entertainment. Their content is generally considered a trusted source of knowledge, influencing their followers’ opinions and decisions. While fake influencers can make anything look perfect, real influencers can promote genuine content and truly help their followers! So how can they record an authentic video? Well, the answer is Rec & Pin!

Know Your Customer (KYC)

KYC is the practice carried out by companies to verify the identity of their clients in compliance with legal requirements and current laws and regulations. KYC procedures are a critical function to assess customer risk. Verify users by checking their IDs and presence at a specific location and time!

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