Genuine broadcasting
is the basic concept of Recnpin.

A location-based platform that lets users to enlighten a situation,
educate people or boost synergy by recording authentic content.

Record a story and pin it on our map with unique identifier for a letter reference!

Internet Suffers From Fake Content
Internet Suffers From Fake Content

It can be hard to verify the authenticity of videos and audios,
especially if they tell stories about specific locations at specific time.
The location and time of stories can be manipulated.

Location-based Platform
Location-based Platform

Being present at a location helps people
to create and promote genuine content about that specific location.
This, in combination with unique identifiers embedded into content,
simply helps to ensure best practices in promoting genuine content.

True Locations, True Stories!
True Locations, True Stories!

Rec & Pin creates an integrated visual and aural experience with a focus on location and time.
Imagine a world without fake content, even if it is hard and takes a long time.
Our vision is that world!


Users can only use the mobile app to record at a location and drop it as a pin only on that specific location.


Users can explore locations and view the recordings through the applications. This benefits the users to get access to location-time-verified stories.


A unique identifier named RNP-Code is watermarked to all content which users can cross-check and find whether a given file is authentic.

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