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A user is any person or role with a unique email address. Each email address can be assigned and switch between multiple projects and multiple companies! However, each email address can only own one license of Rec & Pin Console.

There are two roles in Rec & Pin Console: Agents and Observers, the main difference being that Agents can generate and modify Tasks whereas Observers can only view and play completed Tasks.

If you already have a Rec & Pin license, upgrading account is easy! All your content, projects, and users will stay where they are. Any remained credits on your current license will be carried over to the new license.

Don’t worry! All your content will be saved and are accessible until you renew your subscription. Also, depending on your license type, your content are accessible for free up to 3 months after your subscription end date.

Basically, Rec & Pin Console assign unlimited data storage space for each account. The space that is allocated to your content depends on the number of completed tasks.
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